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Build a complete tour booking website with Rezgo 6


When we launched Rezgo in 2007, the web was a very different place.  We had made the decision then to offer the Rezgo tour booking website as an add-on to an existing website, primarily because we didn’t think it made sense for a tour management system like Rezgo to also be a content management system.  What we have found over the years however, is that there are many different types of operators and their web needs vary greatly.  In an effort to help those operators who are looking for an all in one solution to their website needs, we have added a new feature to Rezgo 6 that allows you to add additional pages to your Rezgo tour booking website.

The Custom Pages, located in the Template settings section allows you to add as many pages as you like to your Rezgo booking website.  This is particularly useful if you want to manage additional content but you are not using a content management system for your regular website.  The new pages that you create will all use the same main website template, so you don’t need to worry about styling or adding any special html to the pages in order to have them fit in with your web design.


The page builder uses a very flexible editor that allows you to upload images and even files such as CSS and Javascript to your Rezgo site.  File uploading even includes connectors to both Dropbox and Google Drive, making it simple to copy files from your existing cloud storage accounts.



If you are using the default responsive template, there is no need to worry about whether or not the pages you create are mobile ready.  All custom pages are automatically responsive by design.  Each page has its own custom address and can be linked to directly.  Give the custom pages a try and let us know what you think.



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