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How to prepare the perfect itinerary for your tours and activities


As a tour operator, you understand the value in creating a customer experience that is unlike any other in the tourism industry. A great way to accomplish this is to create a tour itinerary for your customers using Rezgo’s itinerary builder. Providing your customers with a well-planned itinerary takes the stress out of managing multiple activities by organizing them all in one convenient place. It lets them know what to expect from start to finish, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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Rezgo’s itinerary builder can help you showcase your local knowledge while providing your customers with an itinerary that is perfect for them. It is a great opportunity to expand your business and build relationships by partnering with other vendors and local attractions, making it great for you and your community. It’s a win win! 

How does Rezgo’s itinerary builder work?

Rezgo’s itinerary builder is easy to use, and it can be a huge benefit for your customers. When creating an itinerary for your customers, all of the bookings from their order will be included automatically. You will also be given the option to add additional items, like restaurant reservations, meetings or any additional activities. 

Here’s how easy it can be to create an itinerary with Rezgo. You simply go to your customer’s order and add a custom itinerary item. From there, you’ll add the time of the event and its provider. If you already have itinerary providers created, all of their details will be added to the itinerary entry. If you’re adding an event that doesn’t already have a service provider, like a restaurant reservation, you can manually add all of the details you need. 

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When adding an itinerary item, you can load it up with relevant information so that your customer has everything they need for the experience–not just what activities are happening and when. Your inventory details already contain a wealth of information that will be useful in an itinerary, like pick-up and drop off locations, what to bring, what is and isn’t included, and other information that they might need, so you only need to add in relevant details for activities that aren’t already loaded into Rezgo. 

Once you’ve created the perfect itinerary, it’s ready to go to your customer. Print it for them on the spot, give them a link, or send it by text or email–whatever works best for your business. 

Pairing the itinerary builder with other Rezgo features

If you’re using Rezgo’s reseller system, the itinerary builder is even more convenient. The reseller system lets you partner with other businesses and sell their inventories through your Rezgo account the same way you would with your own inventory. If there is an experience you don’t provide but think your customers would enjoy, you can still offer it to them through your inventory–ideally with a partnership that earns you a nice cut of the proceeds. This works great with the itinerary builder because it provides more options for your customers to choose from and puts all of their reservations in one convenient place. 


When you combine the reseller system with packages, you get even more flexibility. And no matter how complex your packages get, you can use itineraries to keep things straight forward for your customers. Your customers can simply refer to their itinerary to view all of their activities laid out in detail and chronological order, regardless of which provider those activities come from or what sort of packages they’re sold in. 

Who should use Rezgo’s itinerary builder?

If your customers book multi-day events or multiple activities in a day, you’ll benefit from Rezgo’s itinerary builder. It’s never a bad idea to give your customers an easy way to reference their bookings. But for some businesses, the itinerary builder is more than just a nice option–it’s a must. Hotels and concierge services that want to provide their guests with an outstanding tourism inventory absolutely need an easy way to communicate complex schedules.


If you work in resort management, you know that improving the guests’ experience involves much more than simply providing them a place to stay. A hotel concierge can use their Rezgo account and the reseller system to sell inventory items and add activities for their guests, then present it to them using the itinerary builder. The inventory builder lets you add all information you need about activities you are reselling, as well as information about events happening within the hotel, like details about complementary breakfasts or anything else that might be relevant to their stay. Guests will appreciate receiving all of their events happening both inside and outside of the hotel all in one straight forward itinerary. 

The itinerary builder is great for tour and activity operators who are already packaging tours and working with resellers, or who are thinking about doing these things. Creating an itinerary is so easy to do, and yet so helpful for your customers. 

As long as you have inventory products in Rezgo to sell or resell, the itinerary builder can make your job easier.  

Creating the perfect itinerary for your tours and activities

Now that you know about Rezgo’s itinerary builder, it’s time to consider what goes into creating the perfect itinerary that is perfectly suited for your customers. Some key factors go into planning a great itinerary for tours and activities:

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  • Knowing your customers’ interests: Consider your customers’ interests and preferences when considering what additional stops or events you might include in your itineraries. For example, if they are interested in outdoor activities, you might want to consider partners who offer things like hiking, cycling or kayaking. Alternatively, if they are interested in culture, you could work with museums and art galleries, or plan visits to historical landmarks. 
  • Know the area: An itinerary is a great opportunity to introduce your customers to all that your local area has to offer. You are the expert on your destination and know what your customers are interested in, making an itinerary the perfect opportunity to show all the best spots and hidden gems in your area! 
  • Make sure your customers are prepared: Make sure your customers know what to pack and have everything they need by creating a list of items they will need to bring. Remember, you’re their source of information for activities in your itineraries, so you’ll want to make sure your customers are prepared with the same types of information you’d include in your inventory items. 

It’s also important to know what to look out for when creating an itinerary. Consider how the day might be structured for your customers. Make sure they will have enough time between activities, factoring in things like traffic or the previous activity running late. Time management can be stressful, so you’ll want to take care of that for your customers. 

Food is another important consideration. You won’t want to schedule multiple activities without a food break, especially if what they are doing is particularly active. Take the time to go through your offerings, and consider trial runs to make sure that you have sorted out any potential issues.

As a Rezgo user, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using the itinerary builder. Your customers will appreciate the detail and organization, making it a fabulous way to generate return customers. Why wait? Give the Rezgo itinerary builder a try today. 


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