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social media strategies for tour operators

In early 2010, I wrote a series of articles for the Savvy Operator outlining a social media strategy for tour and activity operators.  This series, based on what I call the L.E.A.D. approach to social media eventually resulted in a number of speaking engagements at conferences in Canada and the U.S.  I have taken those articles and combined them into a single eBook which is available for download from (for Kindle & Kobo devices) or the PDF can be downloaded for free through the Rezgo site.  The eBook titled “A Social Media Strategy for Tour & Activity Operators” covers four phases of utilizing social media for your tour or activity business:

Listening – Before you can know whether your potential customers are talking about you or what you do online, you need to be listening for your brand online.  This phase discusses the various objectives of listening for your brand online and the tools you can use to help make listening easier.

Engaging – Once you know where and what your potential customers are talking about you, you can start the process of engaging with them.  This phase will cover techniques for engaging, best practices, and tools to use.

Articulating – Writing compelling and interesting content for your customers is a key way to help them choose you over a competitor.  By articulating your offerings and your experiences, you can also help articulate your customers’ dreams.  Creating well written content will encourage your customers to dream, plan, and potentially book with you.

Demonstrating – Show your expertise by sharing your content with other communities, create your own communities on networks like Facebook or Twitter, and encourage your customers to interact with you on your terms.

Don’t wait around for your competitors to get the jump on you in social media.  Start working on your social media strategy now and turn your friends and fans into booking customers and your most powerful referral network.

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