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Staff turnover is common in the tours and activity industry. Make sure that you set up a separate user account for each of your staff members. This way, not only is your data more secure, but when they leave at the end of the season (or for any reason) you have the ability to remove their access from the system.

To delete a user from your account, follow the steps found here. Deleted users no longer have the ability to log into your Rezgo account.

Please Note: We strongly discourage sharing user accounts. Rezgo doesn’t limit or charge for additional user accounts, and it’s easy to create new user accounts for each person who needs to access the system. Shared accounts prevent you from accurately tracking user activity or securing your data.

That said, if you have a shared user account in the system, you can still take steps to secure it when a staff member leaves. Immediately change the password on the account and make sure that the email address for the account is YOUR email address and not that of the employee that you wish to restrict.