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While Rezgo supports some payment terminals with some gateways, you don’t need to use one of those terminals to use Rezgo. You can still take payment for bookings on your terminals/EMVs–you’ll just need to record payments manually in Rezgo if you want to have them included in your reports, manifests, and other records.

Please note that since Rezgo bills based on booking total, not payments, this process won’t affect your Rezgo transaction fee.

Step one: Set up a point of sale payment method

First, you’ll need to set up a point of sale payment method. Give it a name you’ll recognize in your reports. You’ll only need to do this step once for any terminal payment method you want to set up.

Step two: Take a booking

Create a booking. Fill out your booking information on the Rezgo point of sale like normal. You’ll be able to see the total of the booking with taxes and fees in the Amount Owing field.

Step three: Take payment on your terminal

Take payment for the amount owing on your payment terminal normally. Follow any instructions from your payment gateway or terminal provider.

Step four: Record the payment in Rezgo

Finally, all you need to do to make sure your records are complete is record the payment in Rezgo. There’s no need to do this while your customer is present if that doesn’t make sense for your workflow–you can reconcile the payment later.

On the bookings details page, add a transaction. When adding the transaction, make sure to select your new point-of-sale payment method, and fill out the amount the customer paid on your payment terminal.

You can also record tips, if you’ve enabled them in your Rezgo settings.

Once the transaction is added, you’ll be able to accurately keep track of any outstanding payments, set your booking status appropriately, and see the transaction in your reports.