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While you can accept Credit Cards automatically through Rezgo, you can also accept manual payment methods like cheques, cash and money orders. These manual payments aren’t processed automatically: you need to manage them manually on the back-end and make arrangements with the customer to collect. Your customers will receive a ‘Payment Pending’ notice when they book using these methods.

To set up manual payment methods, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings > Accept Payments in the main menu.

2. Under Accept Manual Payments, click Add Manual Payment Method.


Enter the name of your payment method (1). If you’d like the customer to fill out a value like a card number or ID when booking with that option, click the Get a value check box (2), then enter a label for your value field (3). If you want the method available to customers who book through your Rezgo website, click the Visible toggle (4).


3. Click Add Payment Method (5).