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How to create a manifest report

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If you need a list of all passengers or guests that have bookings on a specific day or for a specific inventory item, you can do that by creating a Manifest report.

Start by navigating to Reports > Manifest in the main menu.

There are two search fields: Date Range and Inventory Items.


You must include a date range for your report. Select the appropriate range: today’s bookings, tomorrow’s bookings, bookings for the next 7 days, or a custom range. If you need a passenger manifest from a date that’s already past, you can do that by specifying a custom date range.


Once you’ve chosen your date range, click Apply.

You can also choose to filter by specific inventory items. Just search for the inventory items in the field provided. The results will include all passengers that booked any of the included inventory.


After you make all the selections you need, click Generate Report. This will bring up a manifest of all passengers that meet your search criteria.


At this point you can manage the fields of your report, print it or export it to an Excel .csv file. You can also click any line to view the relevant booking’s details.

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  1. Hi there,

    I am trying to print a complete passenger list for an event. I did the steps as indicated above, but it states “no results to display”. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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