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How to exclude or sort fields in reports

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After you generate a report, you can exclude any fields that aren’t relevant to your needs.

First, generate a report. From the generated report, click Fields.


This brings up the Manage Fields window.


To remove a field, click the orange button next to its label.


If you want to include all the available fields, click All. If you want to include very few fields, click None to remove all the fields and then click the check box beside any field you do want to include.


You can also sort fields by dragging the blue arrows next to the field up or down the list. This will change the order they appear from left to right in your report.


When you’re done, click Apply Changes.


You can now print or export your report.


2 thoughts on “How to exclude or sort fields in reports

  1. Yes, when you generate a report and change the field layout (fields you want as well as the order of the fields) you can save that report and all its criteria by clicking on the “Save Report” button. If you use a dynamic date query such as “Today” or “Tomorrow” in the date field, the report will also be dynamic. If you save the report with specific date criteria, the report with save with those dates. When you view the report again, just changes the dates and all other criteria will remain the same.

  2. I find myself always having to repeat the same process to print every single manafest report. I find this process of having to custom select and organize the fields that I want to print very tedious. Is there any way to save a configuration of desired fields?

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