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How to change a booking’s date, option, or usage date.

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If a booking has been made for the wrong date or inventory option, or marked with the wrong usage date, you can change this from its details page.

To move a booking, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the booking’s details page.

2. Click Move Item/Date or Move Usage for open options.

– If you need to change to a different inventory item or option, select it from the drop-down list.


– Select a new date by clicking the new booked-for/usage date on the calendar. Days with availability have a blue background. Days without availability have a gray background.


3. If you pick a day with availability, you can then click Change to this day or Set usage date.

4. Click OK to confirm.

This will move the booking, but will not change the price point. If the new option has a different price point, you will need to reconcile that manually. This will also change the date on the ticket/voucher.


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