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Rezgo Updates

Tour product manager, service providers, and more in Rezgo 7.0


On Monday July 25, 2016 we released some updates to Rezgo that we think you’ll find useful.  Under the covers, the development team has made some major improvements in speed and performance to help with the busy months ahead and to help with security and uptime.  The features in this release are only the beginning of a set of features that we plan to roll out over the coming months.  Here are some highlights:

Service Providers

Many Rezgo members use the system to sell tours from third parties.  This feature allows you to manage those third party service providers more effectively.  You can create a service provider and assign inventory to that service provider.  You can then search for inventory based on a service provider and even generate booking reports based on a service provider.

New User Management

We are planning to add more great features to the user section of Rezgo.  In this release, we have revamped the user management system and set the stage for some great features to come.  Users now have a profile includes their activity log, permission level, and even their avatar.

User Level Product Management

Along with the changes with user management, we have added the ability to assign users to products. This means allowing users to edit products that are assigned to them.  This is extremely useful for Rezgo members who want product managers to only manage specific inventory in their accounts.  You can even create user accounts that only have access to product management if you want to allow third parties to manage specific inventory.

Days of Week Availability on Options

We’ve added a new option to the option availability settings for recurring tours.  You can set the days of the week that the option is available at the option level instead of having to create a rule for it.  Although rules will still work fine for this purpose, setting it at the option level should help to simplify things for you.

Duplicate Bookings

There is now a feature that lets you duplicate an existing booking into a new booking.  This is particularly useful if you manage a high volume of similar bookings for the same or different inventory.  When the new booking is created, it contains all the same product, pricing, and customer information as the previous booking.

Here are some more updates included in Rezgo 7.0

  • You can now link users among multiple accounts by using the same email address.  This makes it easier to switch between accounts if you manage more than one Rezgo account at a time.
  • There are new permission settings that allow you to set whether or not a user has access to the dashboard summary, report summary, and to the settings main page.
  • User permissions are much more granular allowing you to control more aspects of user access to your account.
  • You can now pin (bookmark) any page in Rezgo.  This is useful if you access certain pages all the time and just want a quick link to it.
  • We’ve added a notification error indicator on the dashboard.  This will let you know if any of your email or sms notifications have been unsuccessful.  For example, a customer may have entered in their email address incorrectly on a booking.  The notification links you to a list of bookings with notification errors so that you can resolve them.
  • There is now a report main page with a 30 day booking trend graph and a 2 week summary graph.  Your pinned reports will also be listed on this page for easy access.
  • We have moved some of the more common settings on to a settings main page.
  • For businesses who would like to pass on the Rezgo transaction fee to their customers, we have added a new setting that automatically adds a “Booking Fee” to all web and back-office bookings.  Note that all fees are collected by and billed to the Rezgo member.
  • There is now a setting that allows you to automatically archive old bookings.  You can choose to auto archive bookings after 1, 3, 6, 12 months or never.
  • We updated all the menus on Rezgo to better support additional features that will be coming soon.  You’ll notice for example, that Users are now a main menu item.
  • The payment method page has been revamped to make it easier to manage your payment settings.
  • We have added some enhancements to the “Add Passenger” functionality on the Booking Edit page.  The function now shows you how much availability there is before adding additional passengers to ensure you have adequate space.

 Our documentation team is working hard to get all the new features documented and the existing documentation updated to match this release.  New documentation for these changes will be published to the support site as soon as they are completed.

As always, if you have any questions about any of these new or updated features or need help with Rezgo, don’t hesitate to submit a support ticket to


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