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Rezgo Updates

Sales Desks, Open availability, & Hourly Cut-offs in Rezgo 7.1


On Tuesday September 13, we released Rezgo version 7.1.  In this latest release we have added some major updates including open availability support, hourly cut-offs, and sales desks.  These updates build on our goal of better supporting both on-line and point of sale bookings as well as more efficient management of your tour and activity availability.

Open Availability

Rezgo supports open dated (availability) price options.

Open availability inventory options are those that do not require a date in order to be booked.  This is particularly useful when you are selling a block of tickets for an event.  Since no date is required, the total availability is static rather than recurring.  For example, if you have 100 tickets to sell, that means you have 100 tickets in total regardless of what day the ticket is purchased.  This is also useful for general admission tickets or for gift vouchers or gift certificates that do not require a date.  When purchased on your website, a customer simply selects the open option and clicks the buy now button to purchase the item.

Hourly Cut-off

Rezgo now supports hourly cut-off. Set the cut-off for bookings to as little as one hour before your tour.

You can now set cut off times up to 1 hour prior to the start time of your tour or activity.  This means that customers can book online up until your cut-off.  In addition, because cut-offs are now tied to time, the cut-off is based on the start time of the inventory rather than the day.  The point of sale will now show tours or activities that are within the cut-off so that your booking staff know what options should not be sold.

Sales Desk

Rezgo now supports sales desks with locations.

This is the initial set of features for what will be a growing section in Rezgo.  The sales desks allows Rezgo members who work with activity desks or call centres to create sales desks.  These sales desks allow you to control where bookings are made and to run reports based on both desks and locations.  Members also have the ability to assign users to specific desks which limits their login ability to that desk or to a group of desks only.  In upcoming releases we will be adding additional functionality to the desks in order to support custom pricing, commissions, and the sale of physical goods.

We’ve also added a number of other features that should make your use of Rezgo even better.  Here is a list of some of these other updates:

  • Updates to the point of sale to support hourly booking cut-off.
  • Updates to support open availability in the point of sale.
  • Filtering of payment gateways based on provider country.
  • Added 3 months as an option on password expiry settings.
  • Added new security levels to support desk management.
  • Various performance and security updates and enhancements.
  • Support for time in the calendar feeds allows for better integration with calendar applications.


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