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Successful Scaling Strategies for Tour Operators: Make This Your Best Year Yet


Create Your Plan for a Sustainable Year of Growth

With the tourism busy season upon us, it’s essential to ensure you have clear goals for the year and a plan to reach them. In order to build a successful annual plan, you need to dial into your mindset, your KPIs, and your team.

In this webinar replay, Andrea Ross, a business growth expert from Cultivate Advisors, walks us through the components of an annual plan and reviews some best practices and methodologies to make this your best year yet.

In this webinar replay, you’ll learn about…

  • Planning Mindset: How to think about planning
  • Planning Elements: Goals, KPIs, leading indicators to track for success
  • Planning Framework: The process to follow, connecting macro to micro
  • Collaborative Planning Framework: Bringing the team into the planning process


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