Is Rezgo the Best Tour Operator Software for Your Business?


I am often asked whether Rezgo would be the best tour operator software for a particular tour operator’s business.  The answer to that it really depends on whether or not your business is a traditional in-bound/out-bound tour operator who bundles airfare, hotels, and other products together and sells them as a package or whether you are an in-destination tour & activity provider that sells, for example, bicycle tours, attractions, bus tours, sightseeing tours, river rafting, aerial tours, and a host of other similar services.

If you are a traditional tour operator that is focused on packaging, then Rezgo is probably not a fit for you.  Rezgo does not support GDS connectivity and doesn’t work with accommodation product. There are a lot of systems out there that support traditional tour operators.

Rezgo is really good at tours and activities

If you are a tour operator who sells services like bike tours, whale watching, river rafting, zip-lining, guided hikes, and the like, then Rezgo is a really good fit for your business.  Rezgo is designed to help tour operators to  sell their services directly to travelers.  Rezgo has a whole host of features that are optimized for schedule based daily or half day activities.

Here are the top 10 ways Rezgo can help your tour or activity business be more successful:

  1. Set-up your seasonal, year round, high/low season, and promotional availability and pricing.
  2. Customers book based on your availability, no more overbooking or manual confirmations required.
  3. Accept bookings 24/7 through your private label booking website.
  4. Allow your customers to book using a mobile optimized booking engine.
  5. Build customer confidence by providing a safe and secure shopping experience.
  6. Process payments in real-time using any of the 20+ payment gateways supported by Rezgo.
  7. Add bookings into your own point of sale interface
  8. Automatically send confirmation emails to your customers which include links to a secured receipt and printable booking voucher.
  9. Check-in customers using your mobile phone or the web
  10. Print up to the second guest lists and reports

If you are looking for the best tour operator software for your tour, activity, excursion, or attraction business, give Rezgo a try and see just how much more efficient your business will be.


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