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Rezgo 9.6: Pinned Report Improvements, Quick Check-Ins, Invoicing and More


Rezgo 9.6 has landed, bringing with it a ton of new features. In this update, you’ll find faster check-ins, powerful pinned reports, a customizable manifest—and for our enterprise users, convenient invoicing right from your reconciliations.

Quick Check-Ins

In a serious hurry to get guests checked in? With this update, you can check in a guest from the daily manifest without opening their information or navigating menus. Just hold down the “Check in?” button until it goes green and they’ll be checked in in a jiffy.

If you prefer to check in whole bookings at once, you can do that from the manifest now, too.

Pinned Report Previews

With Rezgo 9.6, pinned reports are getting a power up. Where once they were just links to a full report, they can now preview a report’s results without leaving the dashboard.

These previews function just like normal reports, except that you can’t change the search criteria or add fields. They can be viewed, filtered, exported and printed straight from the dashboard.

Users with permission to access the report can continue on to the full report to make adjustments. Otherwise, they’re limited to the preview, with only the fields and results you choose to allow.

This gives you a lot of flexibility to create reports that only show the specific information that group of employees or agents needs without giving them access to other, more sensitive data.

And if you don’t want a pinned report’s results to be viewed from the dashboard, just disable its preview and the pin will take authorized users to the full report page instead.

Dynamic Report Tokens

The updates to pinned reports are big time savers, but they really shine when paired with our new dynamic report tokens. Instead of creating custom reports for every user, you can now create booking and transaction reports for Current User or Current Desk.

When a user opens a saved report that uses those dynamic tokens, they’ll see the results you set up — but only the bookings or transactions that come from their own user account or desk.

So now you can create a single pinned booking report that will, for example, show any user their own commissions without all the columns that won’t interest them, and without anyone else’s bookings muddling things up.

Saved Search Improvements

Need to adjust your reports for these new features? We’ve added a convenient editor so you can change a report’s name, change its security group, pin or unpin it, and enable or disable dashboard previews.

Customizable Daily Manifest

Love the daily manifest but wish it showed a little more information—or a little less? Now you can choose what information gets shown in its list. You can keep it simple, with just the guest’s name and check-in status, or you can fill it up with all sorts of relevant details. It’s your choice.


If you work with outside agents or resellers, you’ve probably noticed that while price sheets, sales desks, reconciliations and other enterprise features make your accounting process easier, invoicing your resellers still requires a lot of work outside Rezgo.

Rezgo 9.6 cuts out that extra step, allowing you to create invoices for your sales desks in the same way you’d create a reconciliation for a provider. It’s quick, easy, and requires no extra software. Once you’ve created an invoice in Rezgo, you can print it out, save it as a pdf, or email it straight to the people who need it.

Want to invoice your customers for their bookings? Check out payment requests, added in Rezgo 9.5!

And More

Along with these major features, Rezgo 9.6 includes many other fixes, optimizations and smaller features to make your job easier, like these:

  • Optional auto-generated Ref IDs
  • New filters for the daily manifest
  • Bundle overrides for price sheets
  • Option-specific commission overrides for price sheets
  • Numerous improvements to reconciliations

If you need help adjusting your pinned reports, have questions about the changes in this update, or want to let us know how we could make Rezgo better for your business, contact our support team on live chat—they’re ready to help!


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