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Rezgo 9.5: Payment Requests, Date-Based Rules, Improved Search and More


Rezgo 9.5 is here, and it includes a feature we know you’ve been waiting for: Payment Requests. With this update, you can send your customers a direct, secure and easy way to pay for their bookings. It also has a handy new rule condition, a report for check ins, better search results, major point-of-sale improvements, and a whole lot more:

Payment Requests

Rezgo makes it simple to take payments when customers are booking online or in person, but what about those times when you take a booking over the phone or a customer needs to pay later?

With Rezgo 9.5, we’ve got you covered. If you accept credit card payments on Rezgo, you can now send your customers payment requests via email or SMS.

No more dealing with the security nightmare of jotting down a credit card number given over the phone or in an email–now you can give your customers an easy link to pay directly and securely.

Check-in Report

If you need to keep an eye on your check-ins, the new Check-in Report has what you need. With it, you can see exactly which desk or user a check in came from, what time each customer was checked in, and more. It’s an easy way to track arrivals to big events, make sure check ins are running smoothly, and even provide a little more evidence when fighting fraud.

New Date-Based Rule Condition

Want to offer a discount for last-minute bookings or early birds? Need to adjust availability for latecomers? You’ll want to check out our newest rule condition.

You can now make rules conditional on a minimum and/or maximum amount of days until the date being booked. And just like all our rule conditions, this can be combined with other conditions and actions to suit all sorts of scenarios.

Improved Search

Bookings and contacts contain a lot of searchable information, and while our search was great at showing you all the results that contained any of your search criteria, it wasn’t quite as good at showing you the most relevant results first.

Now, booking and contact searches will prioritize the most relevant results to making finding that one particular contact or booking you need much easier. You can still sort your results by any of the result fields once the search is complete, too, in case relevancy isn’t your biggest concern.

Point of Sale Updates

The Rezgo point of sale has been improved with many new features and settings that can help simplify your booking workflow.

  • Required fields (like guest forms) can be enforced in the point of sale.
  • Bookings can now be edited before completing an order.
  • Guest information and forms can now be filled out when creating a booking–not just after the order is complete.
  • Open orders can be closed individually, and now they can also be closed all at once.
  • Pricing bundles can be disabled or allowed on the point of sale–separately from front-end bookings.
  • Confirmation numbers can be required for point-of-sale bookings.
  • New keyboard shortcuts can be used to quickly create contacts and orders from the point of sale.

And more

With Rezgo 9.5, our team has added many features and under-the-hood optimizations to make your job simpler. Here are a few exciting additions:

  • Strikethrough prices can be added to inventory pricing tiers. Show off your price drops!
  • New accounts can more easily test payments with new test transaction features.
  • Booking labels can be made active, inactive or required.
  • When using preset line item names, you can now allow or disallow the use of new line item names, too.
  • Cancelled bookings can now be included in reconciliations.
  • You can now override commissions on bookings.

Our team sets out to make Rezgo better for you with every update. If you need help, have questions about the changes in this update, or just want to let us know how Rezgo could be even better for your business, our support team is ready on live chat to help with whatever you need!


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