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Make it easy for customers to pay

Send payment requests to customers via email or sms

Get paid faster!

Send a customer a payment link to make it easy for them to pay for their booking.

Send Payment Requests Directly

Now it’s easy to request payment from customers no matter how they book.  Do you take bookings over the phone?  No problem, instead of taking sensitive credit card information over the phone or via email, you can send the customer a link to pay for their booking online securely.

Payment requests can be sent to a customer via email or sms directly from the booking or order in the point of sale.  For tour operators who need to receive multiple payments, this is a great way to set up a payment plan for a customer regardless of which one of the 40+ integrated payment gateways you choose to use.

Convenience & Simplicity

The payment request feature has been designed to be as convenient for your customer and as simple as possible to use for you, the operator.  The payment emails or sms messages are sent directly from your Rezgo account and allow the customer to click a secure link that takes the customer to a secure payment page.  The customer pays the requested amount using their credit card.

Once paid, the requested amount is added to the booking automatically as a payment transaction.  The customer can see how much they’ve paid and you don’t need to do anything to apply the payment, it’s already allocated to the correct booking or order.

Customers receive an email with your custom message and a link to make a payment

Payments your way

Rezgo payment requests are integrated directly with your Rezgo account which means that all emails, notifications, and payments are tracked directly back to specific orders or bookings.  The best part about payment requests is that it uses your existing payment gateway relationships.  There is no need to create a payment request in a third party website and track the payment separately.  With payment requests, the payment is made using any one of the 40+ Rezgo supported payment gateways or built-in payments powered by TrustMyTravel.

Fully Integrated

Payment links are fully integrated with Rezgo and allowing to request payments for specific bookings or order.

Totally Secure

Never ask for credit card information over the phone again! With payment links your customers pay securely and privately online.

Your payment gateway

Payment links uses your existing payment gateway to process payments from customers.  There is no need to set up a third party payment system to support payment links.

Save time & get paid faster!

Everything is included.  No third party accounts and no extra fees.

Check it out for yourself!

See how Rezgo with payment requests can work for you.