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Rezgo Updates

Rezgo 8.10: Product Enhancements and more


Rezgo 8.10 is here, bringing with it enhanced product support, stock transfer tracking, and more.

Power Up Your Products

In the months since we first announced product support for Rezgo, we’ve been amazed by just how many tour and activity providers are eager to start selling physical goods. Today, we’re making that even easier with enhanced product support.

When you sell products through the Rezgo point of sale, you can now access many of the same powerful features we offer for tour, activity and event inventory. Products can now be added to price sheets, which also allows you to calculate commissions on them — just as you can for other inventory. Reports include more details about product sales, and products get their own bookings, too.

Alternates Removed

Originally, our plan for products included support for stock alternates. These would allow Rezgo clients with complicated stock management needs to track multiple skus and cost prices for individual product variants. Since then, we’ve found that this added unnecessary complexity for most product providers and limited our ability to expand product support with the features you really wanted. As such, this update removes the ability to add new alternates.

If you only use products and variants, this won’t affect you — it just means more flexibility going forward. If you’ve been using alternates and need assistance with this change, please contact our support team. They’ll be happy to help with any questions or concerns you might have.

Track Stock Transfers

Concerned about SOX Compliance? We are too. That’s why we’ve added logging for stock transfers. Keep track of your stock’s comings and goings with the new Stock Transfer report, just one of our many Sarebanes-Oxley-friendly features.

And More…

Every update includes minor fixes and quality of life improvements as our team strives to make Rezgo the best it can be. If you’ve run into a snag or want to tell us how we can make Rezgo even better for your business’s needs, reach out!


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