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Rezgo Updates

Inventory Cost, POS Price Adjustments, & Age Restrictions


I realize it’s only been a few days since we announced the most recent release, but on Wednesday September 21, we released another update, Rezgo version 7.2.  In this latest release we have added two main updates including product costing and POS price adjustments  These updates build on our goal of better supporting point of sale bookings

Inventory Cost

You can now set the cost of each price level for inventory options.  For example, if you offer your tour for $100 and your costs are $60/ticket sold, you can now enter that cost value and track your gross margins on reports.  This is also useful for businesses that resell tours from other providers.  In combination with the previously released Service Providers functionality, this allows you to determine the net payables for inventory provided by a third party.  Viewing product cost in the point of sale is controlled with a new permission level.

Price Adjustments

When making a booking on the point of sale, you now have the ability to adjust the price of the ticket in the point of sale.  Price adjustments can be controlled with permissions that allow the user to make adjustments and to make adjustments below cost.

Age Restrictions

We noticed that a lot of operators have age restrictions with their ticket types.  To better support these restrictions and to standardize the data around ages for display and working with partners like Viator and Expedia, we have added fields at the price level to allow operators to state the age restrictions per price level.  If you have indicated age restrictions in your price level labels, we strongly recommend you move them into the new age restriction fields.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be updating the documentation to include all the new features and updates.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or need any help using these new features, send an email to our support team at


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