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Rezgo Updates

New Rezgo WordPress Plugin v.2.1


It’s finally here!  We’re happy to announce that the latest version of the Rezgo WordPress plugin is now available in the WordPress plugin repository.  The new version of the Rezgo plugin is built based on the latest version of the Rezgo white label and includes the updated modern responsive design and better theme support.

If you are currently using the old Rezgo plugin (v. 1.8.9), we highly recommend that you download and install the new Rezgo plugin (v. 2.1.6).  Once you have downloaded and installed the new plugin, be sure to deactivate the previous Rezgo plugin before activating the new one.

Once you have configured and confirmed that the new plugin is working as expected, you can safely delete the old plugin.

We will no longer be updating or supporting the old Rezgo plugin, so it is important that you update to the new plugin as soon as practical.  For more information, please visit the plugin page at:


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