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Learn How Guest Photos Can Improve Your Tour Guest Experience in this Webinar


How Guest Photos Can Support Your Marketing Strategy

The way people discover, research, and decide on things to do has shifted in recent years. It is predominantly online and increasingly peer-to-peer. What if we could tap into this by actively reminding guests of a great experience and helping them to share it with their friends and family socially while including our brand and business when they do?

People who remember a great experience are more likely to return and more likely to refer. This is the foundation of relationship building within your current customer base that leads to more direct bookings. In this 40-minute webinar, hosted by Meghan Forbes from FOTAFLO, you’ll learn how your guests share their experiences and how to take advantage of those shared experiences for your marketing strategy. Learn the forces at play when you harness the power of memories and nostalgia to create more perceived value for your guests while growing your business. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to…
• Leverage Photos to Drive Direct Bookings
• Value of Owned Media Vs. Earned Media
• Leverage Media to Foster Advocacy
• Social “Discovery” Made Easy
• Implement an Evergreen Ecosystem for Business Growth


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