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5 Useful Resources To Be a Better Tour Guide


Being a tour guide is challenging.  It takes time and dedication to become really good at what you do.  To help you along the way, here are 5 resources we think can help you to be a better tour guide.  Don’t forget to read this article about how to be a better tour guide with case studies.

1. Be a Better Guide


Kelsey Tonner has been referenced a few times throughout our articles – He provides you with a fun and visual learning channel to becoming a better tour guide.

Along with his Youtube channel, Kelsey provides you with a training guide, a blog, podcasts, and interviews with industry experts.

Learn how to be a better tour guide in 120-seconds with the creator of, Kelsey Toner

2. Tourism Tribe


Tourism Tribe is an all-inclusive resource center that “connects tourism operators, industry and digital experts in a supported learning environment.”

A membership includes:

  • Over 347 learning resources
  • Expert advice
  • Connections with over 773 like-minded businesses

3. Coming Up on Your Left: A Tour Guide’s Guide Book


Written by travel expert Joemy Wilson, Coming Up on Your Left is a collection of her hilarious stories from 12 years of guiding tours.

The book includes advice on how to make your tour entertaining, inspiring, and informative.  Available on for $14.95.

4. Coaching For the World’s Best Tours Guides: Observations From the Back of the Bus

Just $14.99 on Amazon, Coaching For the World’s Best Tour Guide’s is a must-have read.

Lance Camarena was the director of training and development for Holland America Line, a cruise ship planning service, for over 10 years.

He shares all his notes and stories from his experience observing tours and being a tour guide “from the back of the bus.”

5. How to be a Tour Guide: The Essential Training Manual for Tour Managers and Tour Guides

Nick Manning combined his passion for traveling and writing in his book “How to Be a Tour Guide.”

With experience conducting tours in over 15 countries, Nick provides you with practical expert advice, easy to follow steps and Youtube videos on how to be a better tour guide.  Available on Amazon for $24.95.

Do you have any other resources you think would be useful for tour guides or tour operators?  Add your comments and recommendations in the comments below, we’d love to read your thoughts.


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