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Tourism Best Practices

11 Extra Tips to Be a Better Guide


We’re loaded with so many tips on how to be a better guide that we had to include 11 more just for you.

We’ve also included actionable advice so that you can start improving right away!

1. Do Your Research

Most tour guides are from the city/country that they are guiding – However, no matter how long you’ve lived there, there is always more to learn!

Action Step: Go online and look up some interesting facts about your city.

2. Know Your Audience

Get to know your audience so that you can provide them with a personalized tour.

Action Step: During the signup process of the tour, ask a few basic questions – Age, where they are from, and their job description are all good facts to gather in order to personalize the tour.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Show your group that you’ve done this before – Make sure you rehearse what you’re going to say so that you look professional and organized.

Action Step: Give your friends are free tour to practice what you’re going to say.

4. Warm Up

Before your group arrives, get yourself ready for the day – some tours can last hours and you’ll want to feel peppy and good to go!

Acton Step: Watch this video by on how to warm-up your voice before a tour.

5. Show Your Face

Guides often get wrapped up in their subject – But if your back is facing the customers they will have trouble hearing you and  are less likely to pay attention to you.

Action Step: Every once in a while ask your group if they can hear you.

6. Let Your Personality Shine

Yawning tourists, crying kids, and unimpressed teenagers can be a tour guides worst nightmare. Make sure you let your personality shine through and capture your audience with a bubbly, outgoing attitude.

Action Step: Share personal anecdotes so that you can add some of your personality into the mix.

7. Keep it Moving

Don’t let your group stand around for too long, this is a sure way for them to grow tired and lose interest.

Action Step: Keep an eye out for your watch and perhaps set an alarm.

8. Be a Storyteller

Don’t just show your customers the sights , talk about them! Go into historical detail, what celebrities have been there, how there is a ghost haunting the place…etc.

Action Step: Read up on some history books about your city.

9. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Don’t worry about being perfect.  Acknowledge that people in the crowd might know more than you about a subject.

Action Step: Tell your group to feel free to share any relevant information about the sights – the more interactive the tour, the better.

10. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

Don’t worry about asking for help to get organized.  It will make your life a whole lot easier if you had a volunteer checking in the group so that you can prepare the tour.

Action Step: Ask one of the participants to be your helper, they’ll love it!

11. Follow-up After the Tour

Improve your reputation and build your customer relationships by following up after the tour, a simple thank you will do the trick!

Action Step: Send a follow-up “thank you” email with a short questionnaire asking what about the tour needs improvement.


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