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Tourism Best Practices

4 Must Use Technologies for Tour and Activity Operators


Give your tour or activity business even more of a boost any time of the year by taking advantage of these 4 must-have technologies.

1.EMV Chip Credit Card Reader

Many tour activities are booked on the spot. Credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard now require that person to person transactions are done using the latest chip and pin technology.  Not to mention travellers from Europe, Australia, and Canada have been using chip and pin for many years and are suspicious of businesses that only support swipe technology.

Make it easy for your customers and your staff by using an EMV chip-compatible credit card reader.

EMV devices are available from companies like PAX technologies and they allow for credit card payments to go through securely.  Rezgo is integrated with PAX EMV devices allowing you to take EMV payments directly through the Rezgo point of sale.

Contact your merchant services provider about getting a PAX EMV device for your business.

2. Mobile Or Tablet Liability Waiver

For adventure tours or activities that require a liability waiver, save yourself from having to manage paper based waivers by using digital waivers.

Rezgo supports point of sale liability waivers which easily recognize signatures and saves a copy of the waiver with the customer’s booking.  Let your customer sign the waiver on the spot on a tablet or using a touch screen.  Once signed, you can print the waiver text and signature directly on the customer voucher or ticket.  The customer can even view their signed waiver online.

3. Mobile Check In

Use the Rezgo check in to make it is easy for your staff to verify customer tickets and check them in on a tour or activity.  You don’t need any special hardware or software to use the mobile check-in feature.  You can use any smartphone with a camera and a QR code reader app like Scan.

The check-in also helps reconcile bookings and keep track of who has shown up for a tour.

4. Barcode Scanners

Although you don’t need any special hardware or software to use the check-in functionality, you can use a USB barcode scanner to simply scan the barcode when a customer arrives at a location.

Rezgo supports any USB Barcode Scanners for easy check-in.  Use the Rezgo check-in feature in combination with a barcode scanner to make it easier for your staff to keep track of the number of tickets or vouchers scanned, invoices, and reconciliations.

You can find a variety of USB Barcode Scanners on Amazon.


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