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How to track conversions

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You can link your Rezgo account with your Google Analytics account in order to track conversions.

First, read this blog series from Google about How to Use Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics.

Set up your Google Analytics account. Then follow these steps :

1. Copy your account ID. This can be found in the code snippet the Google generated for you. Look for the following: UA-XXXXX-XX

2. Navigate to Settings > General Settings in the Rezgo main menu.

3. Click the toggle to enable your Google e-Commerce Code.


4. In the field labeled e-Commerce Account ID, paste the conversion ID you copied in step 1.


5.Click Save Changes when you finish adjusting your settings.


Other Analytics Providers

To enter a conversion code snippet from a provider other than Google, follow these steps:

1. Click the toggle to enable your Conversion Code.


2. In the field labeled Conversion Code, paste your conversion code (1).


Click the additional codes to add additional details (2-8) to your analytics code: the booking transaction number (2), the order total (3), the sku (4), taxes (5), city (6), state (7), and country (8).

Depending on your provider, this may look something like this:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”[trans_num]&amount=[order_total]”></script>

3. Click Save Changes when you finish adjusting your settings.


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