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How are bookings from resellers listed in an inventory provider’s account?

For an inventory provider, reseller bookings are treated as normal point-of-sale bookings. They go into your bookings list, are present in your manifests and reports, and accrue a fee at your point-of-sale booking rate, just like bookings from any external source. They’ll be noted as being created by your reseller wherever it’s relevant.

Reseller bookings are listed on your booking report, manifest, pickup report and commission report with the reseller in the “created-by” column. On transaction reports, the CID column includes reseller CIDs.

What happens if an inventory provider makes changes to their inventory?

When a booking is placed through a reseller, Rezgo checks current pricing, availability, and required custom forms from the inventory provider. If those are changed and the change is valid with the reseller’s price sheet, those changes will automatically be reflected for the customer.

No other changes are updated automatically. If an inventory provider or reseller wants to update a reseller’s listings, the reseller will need to re-import the inventory.

What happens if a reseller makes changes to a booking of a provider’s inventory?

When a booking is placed through a reseller, the provider and the reseller both get a copy of that booking. If a reseller or provider changes anything in a booking, including status or contact information, it will only show up on their own copy of the booking. If a booking is cancelled on one side, the other party will need to be informed so they can update their records.

How do I collect payment from a reseller or remit payment to a provider?

However you’d like! In many cases, a reseller will collect payment for a booking from guests, and at a later date the provider will invoice the reseller for the amount owed. Rezgo makes this easy with reconciliations, invoicing and payment requests, but you’re free to make any arrangements you’d like.

What happens if I disconnect a reseller or an inventory provider?

If you disconnect a reseller collection, or a reseller price sheet is deactivated or reaches its end date, the reseller will no longer be able to sell bookings from the inventory provider’s availability.

However, please be aware that the local copies of provider’s inventory that were added to the reseller’s accounts will remain in their accounts—no longer attached to the provider’s account or availability, and automatically unpublished, but still present. It will have local availability and pricing calculated from the price sheet and markup at the time of disconnection.

The reseller and provider will remain in the other partner’s account as an ordinary service provider, so your record keeping won’t be interrupted.

Users won’t be alerted if they’re disconnected, so make sure to contact them to avoid confusion.

How do waivers work with resellers?

Because waivers are a legal agreement between a company and a customer, they can’t be automatically passed from a reseller to an inventory provider. If you require a signed waiver from your guests, you will need to ensure that you get it from them—if you can’t present it at the time of booking because you’re working with a reseller, you can do so directly either at the time of the tour or activity, or by sending a waiver request by SMS or email.

How are reviews collected with resellers?

Reviews belong to the company that collects them. Both the reseller and the inventory provider can collect reviews on a booking, but since that will mean the customer receives two requests, you may want to coordinate with each other to decide who should collect reviews.