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Rezgo verified guest reviews ensure that every review your tours and activities receive are from legitimate guests, but sometimes even legitimate guests are unkind.

In most cases, when you disagree with the content of a review, we recommend you leave a reply — guests are more likely to trust reviews with text, even when they’re occasionally negative, and customers whose reviews are removed may leave unfriendly feedback in other venues. But if you receive a misleading or harassing review and you want to protect your staff and guests from its content, you can remove the review’s text. This cannot be undone.

This won’t remove the star rating — the star rating will remain an accurate average of all of an item’s reviews.

First, navigate to the review in question.

1. Click Remove Text next to the review.

2. Click OK to confirm.

The removed review will still be shown on the booking and on the inventory item’s front-end listing, but the text will be removed.

On the front-end view, visitors will see only the star rating and review date: