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How to export a Calendar Feed

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You can create a feed that will send information about any bookings for the next 30 days to your calendar application of choice. The feed can contain bookings for some or all of your inventory items.

First, visit Bookings > Calendar Feeds in the main menu.

Click Create Calendar Feed.


Here you can configure your calendar feed. First, give it a name that tells you something about the inventory items the feed includes (1).


Click the check box next to every inventory option you want to include (2). Clicking the box next to an item will also select all of that item's options (3). You can click all to select every inventory item your company offers, or none to de-select everything (4).

Click Create Feed (5).

Once you've created a feed, you can import it into your calendar application of choice. The iCal/Outlook button will open your calendar feed in any program that supports it (1). The Google button will open your calendar in Google Calendars on the web (2). The Download button will create a .ics file that you can save to your computer and import into any calendar application that supports it (3).


You can also edit your calendar feeds by clicking the edit button (4), or delete them by clicking the trash button (5).

Note: Feeds can only be added to calendars if you have bookings within the next 30 days. If you operate seasonally, you may not be able to add a feed.

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