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How to add or edit pricing tiers for inventory options

in Inventory Tags: Edit Options

Each option you create can have up to 9 pricing tiers, each with its own label and price. These are commonly used for age groups like Child, Adult and Senior, but they can be labeled to suit your needs.

To edit an option’s pricing tiers, navigate to that option’s edit page.

Under Pricing Tiers, you can see all current pricing tiers that can be booked through that option.

To add a new tier, click Add More Tiers (1).

To change an existing tier, you can change its label (2) and age range (3) in the appropriate fields. You can also add a SKU (4).

To make a tier required, click the make required toggle (5). If more than one tier is required, customers will need to book at least one of any of the required tiers.

Enter the customer’s price to book the option in the Retail field (6). If needed, enter your company’s cost price for the option in the Cost field (7).

Click Save Changes when you finish editing pricing tiers.


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