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How to create a sales desk

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If your employees, agents, concierges or other users share desks, especially desks associated with EMV terminals or other physical payment methods, you can assign them to sales desks in Rezgo. Sales desks can also be associated with locations.

To create a sales desk, first navigate to Users > Sales Desks

1. Click Create Desk.


2. Fill out the desk’s information. Only a name is required.


– Give the desk a name (1). This is visible to anyone using the desk.
– Leave the desk as Active if you want to start using it immediately, or toggle it off if you want to activate it at a later time (2).
– Select a location for the desk if you have any locations configured (3).
– Add an ID number for the desk, if relevant (4).
– Create or select any tags for the desk to help you search for it in the desks list (5).
Select the users that can use this desk, or allow all users (6).

3. Add payment methods that are available at this desk.


4. Click Create Desk.

Once you create a desk, you may want to create a bookmark so users can log into it directly.

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