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How to create a bookings report

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Rezgo lets you easily create reports of your bookings, so that you can export them, print them or refer back to them.

Navigate to Reports > Bookings in the main menu.

You’ll be presented with a search interface. Here you can decide how you’d like to narrow down your report. There are five ways ways to filter your results:

  1. Date Range: All bookings in the results were either created or booked for between the specified dates.
  2. “Created On” Date or “Booked For” Date: Select whether the date range refers to the date bookings were created or the date they were booked for.
  3. Inventory: All bookings in the results contained any of the inventory items listed here.
  4. Owned By User: All bookings in the results were made by any of the users listed here.
  5. Flags and Status: All bookings in the results will contain at least one of the flags or statuses selected here.
  6. Booking Labels: All bookings in the results are labeled with at least one of the labels listed here.
  7. Service Providers All bookings in the results are associated with at least one of the service providers listed here.


You can combine those filters to get the results you need. For instance, you can search for all bookings of a few specific inventory items created by a specific agent within a certain date range. If you include more filters than you need, you can click the X in the corner of any of the items, users or labels to remove them from the search.


When you’re happy with your search query, click Generate Report. This will bring up all bookings that match all the criteria you set above.


At this point you can manage the fields of your report, print it or export it to an Excel .csv file. You can also click any line to view the relevant booking’s details.

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