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If your company has a Facebook Page, you can list your inventory there for your customers’ and fans’ convenience. To get the Rezgo Facebook App set up, you need administration privileges for your Page. You’ll also need your Rezgo domain.

First, visit

1. Click Add this App.


2. Select your company’s page from the dropdown (1).


3. Click Add Page Tab (2).

4. Visit your Facebook page while logged in as an administrator.

5. Click the Rezgo App on the page sidebar.


6. Click Configure Your Rezgo Facebook Page Settings.


7. Fill out your Rezgo details.


– Enter your Rezgo domain (eg. (1).
– Enter a referral ID. This will let you track referrals from Facebook in your bookings and reports (2).
– If you have a promo code set up for your Facebook fans, you can enter it here (3).
– If you enter a promo code, select who can use it: everyone, or only people who have Liked your page (4).
– If you want any information to be shown above your list of tours, enter it here (5).

8. Click Save Changes (6). You can refresh the page to see your list of tours, which can be reached from the Book Now tab or the app box on your Facebook page.