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How to add a signable waiver to inventory items

in Inventory Tags: Edit InventoryGeneral SettingsOrder details

Some tours and activities require signed waivers. You can add a waiver to your inventory items for use in the Rezgo point of sale. Waivers are not currently available for bookings made through your Rezgo website but we expect that feature to be available soon.

First, navigate to the item’s edit page.

1. Click the Use Waiver toggle, found below the description and tickets sections.


2. Enter waiver content in the box provided.


3. Click Save Changes.

Once you create a waiver, it will be found on the details page of any order that includes this item going forward.


Use a signing pad with your waiver

Certain Topaz signing tablets work with Rezgo. To enable that method of capture, navigate to Settings > General Settings.

1. In the Waiver Signatures field, select Capture signatures with a Topaz 4×3 tablet.

2. Click Save Changes.

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