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How to add line items to products

in ProductsSettings Tags: General Settings

Like inventory options, products can have line items (like taxes) associated with them. Unlike inventory options, those line items can’t be configured per product. Instead, they’re added in your Rezgo account settings.

First, navigate to Settings > General Settings.

1. Click Add Line Items.

2. Select from your existing line item bundles (1) or fill out the line item’s details.

  • Give the line item a label (2).
  • Enter the line item’s amount, then select whether it’s a dollar amount or a percentage (3).
  • Check the This is a Tax box (4) if the line item is a tax. Taxes don’t multiply each other.
  • Check the Multiply box (5) if the amount should be multiplied by number of units in the order.

3. Click Add This Line (6).

4. Click Save Changes.

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