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How to add comments to bookings

in Bookings Tags: Bookings Details

To keep track of any additional information on a booking, you can add comments.

To add comments, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the booking’s details page.

2. Enter your comment in the box labeled Add a comment (1).

3. Click Add (2).

Booking comments can also be added to Booking, Manifest or Pick Up Reports.


3 thoughts on “How to add comments to bookings

  1. Thank you for your Stephen Joyce for that information. I did find out where our company comments go to when you hit send. If we put a guest’s e-mail in comments, it sends it to our guest.
    Greatly Appreciate It……I’m new to Rezgo so I didn’t know about the Rezgo Help Source. (Computer Illiterate)

    Kind regards,
    Teresa Wold

  2. Hi Teresa. The comment is saved to the booking. I’ll provide your feedback to the dev team. The comments used to support a send function but that is not the case anymore, so it should probably be something else. Thanks!

  3. Where does the added comment go after you hit send? Sending ??? Where or does it save the comment?

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