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Atlantic Scuba Adventures




Atlantic Scuba Adventures has been a leading diving and adventure company in Ireland for nearly three years. Situated along the captivating Atlantic coast, our company offers thrilling experiences for divers of all levels. With a strong emphasis on safety, sustainability and a passion for exploration, we specialize in providing unforgettable diving excursions that showcase the breathtaking marine life and underwater landscapes of the region.


Our experienced instructors and guides ensure that each adventure is not only exhilarating but also educational, offering insights into the wonders of the deep. From beginners to seasoned divers, we cater to diverse interests and abilities, providing tailored experiences that leave a lasting impression. 


Our commitment to providing exceptional experiences led us to seek a software solution that could efficiently manage our extensive range of courses and guides while eliminating the risk of overbooking.





Rezgo’s booking systems have been a gamechanger for productivity and efficiency in the booking process for Atlantic Scuba Adventures. One of the biggest problems we struggled with prior to Rezgo was not being able to find a booking system that could reflect the variety of experiences an instructor could offer without risking a double booking.


Rezgo’s “resource” setting has resolved this important issue for us, meaning we can advertise maximum experiences without a risk of a double booking. 


I chose Rezgo for my business because of this, but also because of their incredible customer service. Naturally, in the early days there were some teething issues, but support was always available and quick to resolve with most queries in minutes and difficult ones in max a day.


I have been delighted by my experience thus far with Rezgo and would highly recommend them to niche businesses like ours who need very flexible booking system capabilities.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

  • Adventure Company

    Chukka Caribbean Adventures

    Chukka began in 1983 when an idea for a tour was born after visitors were encouraged to enjoy swimming the polo ponies in the warm Caribbean Sea. The combination of the scenic ride along a spectacular coast and a thrilling swim on horseback proved to be a launching pad for the company. Today, Chukka delivers over 750,000 tour experiences annually through roughly 85 tour packages across 15 independent excursion locations in Jamaica, Belize, Dominican Republic, Turks & Caicos and Barbados. Chukka excels at showcasing the natural side of the Caribbean through unique value-added experiences. We however struggled with our booking system. We lacked a proper online presence and had almost close to zero website sales. Inefficiency was the norm as our sales process was quite manual and tedious. Our existing booking system was inconsistent, lacked flexibility and didn’t allow us to connect to the outside world. Our team faced daily frustrations as we were constantly facing system outages, restoration of data, manual updates and delays due technical support. Results Approximately 10 years ago we had reached a peak of challenges and needed to find a partner who could help us to take charge of our booking process with a dynamic system. We went to the market with a RFP and engaged numerous developers but none seemed to have the experience and forward thinking for our industry. After many months we stumbled upon Rezgo’s website, they offered an immediate signup, no hassle and I could test it quickly without having to commit. Within a few hours of signup I recognized that there was definitely a partnership brewing. I reached out to the company and the CEO at the time emailed me back the same day. Now that, I thought, was the right way to begin a relationship that has lasted close to 10 years. Over the next few months and a few trips to Jamaica the team helped us to not only understand how Rezgo works but also gave us insight in how we could tweak our business process to maximize Rezgo’s potential. Since then, we have built our entire booking process, systems and sales departments around Rezgo, from our now big presence online with direct web sales to dynamic capacity management to reseller connections and API integrations. Rezgo has allowed us to get away from having a Reservations department locked away in a building to having our sales reps having the ability to make a booking, check availability at anytime, anywhere. With COVID-19, we’ve been able to utilize the check-in and electronic waiver features that have greatly improved our paperless environment.

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  • Sightseeing and Transportation

    Tofino Water Taxi

    Tofino Water Taxi has been operating a thriving water taxi service in Tofino, British Columbia for over 17 years. Nestled on the stunning Pacific coast, our company offers transportation services to remote islands, secluded natural hot springs and wildlife tours, allowing tourists and locals alike to explore the natural beauty of the region in an environmentally sustainable manner. Recognizing the growing demand for online bookings, we decided to invest in a booking system that could streamline our operations and enhance customer convenience. After careful research and consideration, we chose Rezgo as our preferred booking system provider. We were impressed by their local team, robust features, user-friendly interface, and reputation in the industry. Little did we know just how much of an impact this decision would have on our business. Results Since implementing Rezgo’s booking system into our operations, we have seen a significant increase in sales. The ease of use and accessibility of online bookings has attracted more customers than ever before. With just a few clicks, travelers can now secure their seats on our water taxis from anywhere at any time. In addition to boosting sales figures, Rezgo has also greatly improved efficiency within our company. The automated processes for managing reservations and tracking availability have eliminated double bookings or scheduling conflicts that used to take up much time when relying solely on manual systems. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to choose Rezgo as our booking system provider. Their flexible capabilities perfectly suit niche businesses like ours that require specific functionality when communicating with offline drivers. If you’re seeking an efficient and reliable solution for your booking needs, I highly recommend giving Rezgo a try. Thank you once again to the entire team at Rezgo for revolutionizing how Tofino Water Taxi operates its business – we are thrilled with results thus far!

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  • Whale Watching Tours

    Juneau Whale Watch

    In its 17th year of operation, Alaskan-owned company Juneau Tours and Whale Watch weighs in as the largest independent tour provider in Southeast Alaska. But don’t let that title mislead you, this family operation is all about the customer experience. From sales agents and dock representatives to bus drivers/ guides, naturalists/deck hands and boat captains, Juneau Tours and Whale Watch treats everyone like well-loved family. Back in 1998, Sky Bonnell relocated from Hawaii to fish commercially and drive a cab in the off-season. Even back then—before everyone owned a cell phone—Juneau greeted a large number of visitors. The growing demand soon warranted the need for a larger vehicle so Sky bought a bus in 2002. Flash forward to 2019, Sky’s little company that started with a cab is now in two locations (Juneau and Skagway), offers more than eight different tours and serves close to 90,000 guests every summer. Managed by his sister, Serene Hutchinson, Juneau Tours and Whale Watch employs 60+ employees (more than half call Alaska their home) and has a whopping 70% employee retention rate! Results After deciding to move forward with Rezgo, they visited our office for an in-person onboarding experience.  Within two days, they were able to answer our accounting, operations, sales, and marketing department questions.  Rezgo helped us resolve our previous pain points related to our daily operational flow and revenue channels. The Rezgo app is also a great addition for dock sales during peak season.  Bookings can be completed with just a few clicks. We’re looking forward to working with Rezgo on future projects!

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