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Sell & Redeem Gift Cards

Manage a stored value gift card program that is fully integrated with your booking engine.

The Rezgo gift card is more than just a simple gift voucher or certificate system, it is a fully developed stored value card system built on industry best practices and designed to provide you with the flexibility you need and the convenience you want.

Sell Gift Cards Anywhere

Your customers can purchase a gift card right on your booking website by selecting the “Buy Gift Card” option from the list page or from any detail page.  You can even link the gift card purchase page from anywhere, so why not add it to your regular website or even add it to your Facebook page.

The best part about the Rezgo gift card system is that there is no cost to selling gift cards to customers.  You can sign up for Rezgo and start selling gift cards to your customers.  The only fee you pay is to your payment gateway.

True Gift Card Management

Using the gift card management features of Rezgo, you can view all your gift cards in circulation, create new gift cards manually, and add or change balances on the fly.

Want to offer an incentive to an existing customer.  You can create a gift card for them directly in the system and email them a copy along with a custom message.  The customer can use that gift card right away to book one of your tours, activities, or events.

All the features you expect in a true gift card system

You get a powerful and full featured stored value gift card system that integrates with your online bookings and point of sale.

  • Cash value gift cards
  • Item based gift cards
  • Gift cards with or without expiry
  • Gift cards that have limited uses
  • Create gift cards on the fly
  • Send gift cards via email
  • Check card balances
  • Add balance to cards

Your Customers will love Gifting

The Rezgo gift card system is built on the concepts and best practices used by the large retailers and stored value card providers.  Each gift card has a unique 16 digit number that can be used to check the card balance or to purchase your tours or activities either on your Rezgo website or through the point of sale.

Because we have built in a number of enterprise level features into the gift card system, your customers can rest assured that their card values are safe from fraud and you can feel confident offering no expiry dates, no fees, and lost or stolen card replacement if you so choose.

Gift Card Best Practices

Want to learn more about gift card best practices? Read this article about what you need to do and how to prepare for a successful tour & activity gift card program.

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