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Luxury Travel – What is driving it? Infographic


Looking to increase bookings from highly affluent customers? Wondering what they want from their vacations? Our infographic has habits and demographics you can use to drive luxury travel bookings.


6 tribes of Luxury Travel:

  1. Independent and affluent
  2. Always luxury
  3. Strictly opulent
  4. Special occasion
  5. Cash rich, time poor
  6. Business and luxury

83% of affluent consumers prefer to spend money on travel rather than luxury goods.

Top 5% of most affluent travellers are primary between the ages of 35 and 55.

What drives booking decisions:

  • Undiscovered locations
  • Leisure and relaxation
  • Education and enrichment
  • Culture
  • Adventure
  • Welness and health

Want to know more about appealing to luxury travelers? Check out our list of key luxury trends for 2017.


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