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Tourism Best Practices

Three Requests to Include in Your Post-Tour Emails


Following up with your customers is a great idea, whether you use Rezgo’s automated email notifications or a more individual approach. They’re also a great opportunity to ask your guests for these three things — and give them incentives in return.

Social Content

User-generated social content is every company’s dream. Not only does it give you organic content to share with your own followers, it shows your guests’ friends just how amazing your tours or activities are.

A few days after the tour, the warm glow of the experience is probably starting to fade. Take the opportunity to remind your guests that they might have amazing photos waiting on their phones or cameras. Ask them to tag you on Instagram or Twitter when they post the images. Or, if you cater to an older crowd, set up a Facebook contest or have them submit the images on your website. You may also want to offer a small incentive, like an entry to a draw. Depending on your budget, they might win a gift card, a free booking, or something they can take home to remember their experience by.

Even if you’re not looking for social content, your follow-up email should give customers links to follow your company on social media and sign up for your newsletter. Keep that connection strong!


A post-tour email is exactly the right time to convince your guest they should return. There are a few ways to start that process:

  • Show your genuine appreciation. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, so let your customers know that their business matters to you, and that you’re happy to help them with any concerns and welcome them back anytime.
  • Offer a financial incentive. Nothing says “please book again soon” like a promo code for 15 percent off their next booking or an opportunity to get a free gift card. With Rezgo, you can easily generate cards for promotional use.
  • Get them involved. If you offer any kind of loyalty or VIP program, a follow-up email gives you a second chance to pique your customers’ interest in it. You can also take the time to lay out the benefits clearly, which isn’t always possible on the day of a tour or event.

Honest Feedback

While the tour is still fresh in your guests’ minds, it’s time to ask for feedback. What form that feedback takes depends on you. Reviews are highly recommended — this is a good opportunity to direct customers to TripAdvisor, so they don’t leave reviews where they can’t benefit you, or where you won’t know about them.

If you aren’t interested in reviews, feedback can still be valuable. A survey is one way to get customers’ thoughts in a private venue, so you can make informed decisions about adjusting your inventory. Website testimonials might also be worth gathering. If you’re not sending customers to a review site, you can also offer incentives for giving feedback. Just don’t do that if you are using a review site, because incentivized reviews are generally against their terms.


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