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Take secure payments in any situation with Rezgo


We know that one of the joys of running a tour and activities business is the freedom it can offer. Your business doesn’t happen at a desk, so you shouldn’t have to be tied to one all day either. But there is one tricky issue our clients bring to us: How do you take secure payments when you and your customers are always on the go?

Web bookings with Rezgo are a step in the right direction—customers can book anywhere, any time, on any device. But you’re not just taking bookings on the web. You’re getting phone calls at all hours and taking bookings by email or on the go, and there just isn’t a great way to safely take credit card payments in those scenarios.

That’s why we introduced payment requests. Payment requests let you take secure online payments from any customer no matter how they contact you to book. No more asking customers to share their credit card information over the phone and jotting it down on a sticky note. We’re talking proper, PCI compliant security through your usual payment gateway, no fuss, no muss.

Here’s how:

It’s simple. Set up a booking or order through the Rezgo point of sale like usual. Then click the “Request Payment” button. (If it’s not there, you might need to set up a payment gateway first. Here’s one we recommend.) Set the amounts, fill out the details, and a request will go right out to your customer by SMS or email.

When your customer opens the payment request, they’ll be sent to a secure page where they can pay for their booking or order. They won’t need to waste a second worrying about what happens to their credit card information. It all goes through the same secure, online system every Rezgo payment uses, sending the data straight to your payment processor.

And don’t you worry, either—payment requests don’t mean you’ll need to deal with last second uncertainty. Instead, you can set your payment requests to expire up to a day before the event. No surprises (unless you want them).

As security requirements get more and more stringent, we want to make it as easy and safe as possible to get paid. Payment requests are one more way we can do that, and another tool Rezgo offers to help your business thrive.


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