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Speed Up Check-Ins with Rezgo Scan


Introducing Rezgo Scan, a new tool designed to save you and your customers time.

Rezgo Scan is a mobile app that speeds up your experiences by instantly scanning customer tickets or vouchers and checking them in on the spot. 

Whether your customers print their tickets or bring them on their phones, Rezgo Scan can handle it. And if they’ve already used their ticket, no need to worrythe app will let you know.

What about waivers? If your activity requires waivers and the customer hasn’t signed yet, no problem: they can sign right on your device when you scan them in. (We know that sanitizing devices can slow things down, so our team is also looking at touchless options for a future update.)


Download Rezgo Scan on the App Store for free.


Rezgo Scan and the Rezgo App are only available on iPhone, but Rezgo is mobile optimized for quick check-ins on any device. From the daily manifest, you can check guests in with a single long press of the check-in button. 

The daily manifest also supports waiver signing, with touchless options like resending the waiver by email or SMS.

With mobile check-in, you can save time and give your guests a quick and seamless experience, so be sure to check it out today!


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