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Rezgo Updates

SMS notifications, New Emails, Read Receipts and More in Rezgo 6.6


We are excited to release a load of new features and improvements in Rezgo 6.6.  This latest version includes a major update to the email features of the system including a brand new notifications system that includes fully customizable emails and SMS notifications to both customers and staff.

New Notification System

The Rezgo development team has spent months ripping out the old email system and replacing it with a brand new and incredibly powerful notification platform.  As part of this update, all existing customer notifications have been converted into HTML based emails.  The emails that get sent to you and your staff have now become alerts.  These alerts are separated from customer notifications so that they can be easily managed.  You have the ability to create any number of notifications for your customers based on when your guest is booked.  You can create HTML emails that include your custom branding, logo, and colours.  Create a custom email template and all your customer notifications will be sent using your brand.

New Notification Manager in Rezgo 6.6

SMS Notifications Ready

In addition to HTML emails, Rezgo 6.6 also supports SMS support.  For example, you can now create an SMS reminder notification that goes out to your guest the day before or the day of their booking.  The content of the SMS notification can be customized as required.  There is no additional configuration required or integration with an SMS gateway.  If you want to send SMS notifications, just create an SMS notification and the rest is taken care for you.  For now, SMS messages are free but starting July 1st, outgoing SMS notifications will cost US$.05 per message.  Charges for SMS messages will appear on your invoice and will be charged along with your Rezgo transaction fees.

Rezgo supports client and admin SMS messages

Reciept and Open Tracking

Ever wondered if your customers are reading your emails?  Now you’ll know.  Every notification sent from Rezgo has been sent, received, and read by your customers.  You can check the status of your booking notifications by clicking on the “Notifications” button on the booking details.  If you need to resend a notification to a customer, just click on the “Resend” button.

Read Receipts for notifications

TripAdvisor Review Express Integration

Speaking of emails and notifications, we have also updated the TripAdvisor Review Express integration that you may have heard about.  We haven’t talked about it very much because we have been testing it out with a segment of the Rezgo community to make sure it works great for everyone.  Well, it’s now official.  If you want to use TripAdvisor Review Express to drive more reviews to your TripAdvisor profile and increase your traffic, just follow the instructions in this support article.

Get more reviews with TripAdvisor Review Express and Rezgo

Media Manager

Did you know that Rezgo has a media manager built in?  Most users don’t, which is why we’ve made it easier to access the media manager so you can upload and manage all your files.  The manager is particularly useful if you want to upload images, Word documents, or PDFs for your customer to download or that you want to include in templates or email notifications.  Want to send a PDF city guide or your terms and conditions?  Not a problem, just upload them using the media manager and then attached them to a notification or link them in your content.  You can find the media manager in Settings > Templates in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Lots of other updates including…

  • Location maps now support Google map view (satellite or roadmap)
  • Contact form message notifications now include the content of the contact form.
  • Time zone support now supports all hourly, half hourly, and quarter hourly time zones.
  • TripAdvisor Review Express emails are not sent by default for point of sale bookings.  Users can queue Review Express notifications manually on the booking details page.
  • Revenue reports have been updated to show revenues based on your choice of cash or accrual accounting.


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