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Rezgo Celebrates 6 Years & 1,000,000 Guests


Rezgo is six years old and we couldn’t have done it without all our incredible tour and activity members. We also broke a significant milestone by reaching 1,000,000 guests booked with tour and activity operators who use Rezgo. It’s not just the number that is important, but the data that is associated with all those transactions. The beauty of being able to aggregate all that data means that we can analyze trends and report them back to you and to the industry in general. Just to be clear, we don’t use any private data, so no need to worry about personal information ending up in a report. We only use aggregate data.  Here are some highlights from the report:

  • $90.44 M USD is bookings since the commercial release of Rezgo in 2007.
  • Over 365K bookings processed for a total of over 1M guests booked.
  • 5868 unique tours and activities offered by 500+ providers Worldwide.
  • 75% of all bookings are for tours and activities that cost $100 US or less.
  • USA, Europe, and Asia account for over 70% of all providers using Rezgo.
  • Over 50% of bookings are made within 7 days of the activity or tour.
  • 85% of customers pay with credit card.

In honour of our birthday, we’ve put together this infographic that provides a bit of insight into what those 1,000,000 guests have been up to.

Rezgo tour and activity operator providers have serviced over 1,000,000 customers Worldwide


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