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Rezgo 9.0: Built-In Payments, Verified Guest Reviews and Much More


Rezgo 9 is here, and it’s one of our biggest updates yet. With Rezgo Built-In Payments and Verified Guest Reviews, we’ve made it easier than ever for tour and activity companies to build their businesses online — and those are just two of the new features you’ll find in this release.

Rezgo Built-In Payments

Struggling to secure a merchant account for your tour and activities company? Unhappy with the rates offered by your credit card processor? Rezgo is making online payments simple for our users with a groundbreaking new feature.

Rezgo users can now use Rezgo Built-In Payments to process credit card payments. With industry-leading rates and convenience, you can rely on us to handle all your payment processing needs, no matter your country* or base currency. We’re working with the industry’s top payment experts for unbeatable security, customer protection and global reach.

Rezgo Built-In Payments supports purchases, and it also does a lot more. It supports pre-authorizations and refunds, and offers fast, reliable payments direct to your bank every week. Rezgo continues to support dozens of payment gateways worldwide as well, so you can make the financial choices that work best for your company.

Getting a merchant account that’s built for travel has never been easier.

Verified Guest Reviews

For too long, trustworthy tour reviews have been left to travel industry services that don’t specialize in tour and activities. That changes with Rezgo 9.

Starting today, you can collect trustworthy reviews for individual tours and activities from verified customers. Each inventory item you offer can have its own reviews, review scores and staff responses, all displayed directly with your inventory.

Because reviews can only be left by people who actually attended your tours, activities or events, future guests can rely on those opinions to help inform their booking decisions. And while your review scores are always an accurate reflection of every review left, you can choose to hide misleading or abusive review content without any hassle.

By using verified reviews within Rezgo instead of third-party services, you can also simplify your privacy responsibilities under regulations like GDPR. There are no additional opt-ins or privacy warnings to worry about, since your guests’ data isn’t sent to a third party. Protecting customer data is important to Rezgo users, and it’s important to us, too. With verified guest reviews, you can keep more data under your control.

Bundle Pricing

Tour and activity providers often face a unique challenge when moving their bookings online: translating the complex pricing tiers so common in the industry to tiers that will work for their booking platforms. With this update, we’re offering more pricing tier flexibility than ever through bundle pricing.

Bundle pricing allows Rezgo users to set prices for bookings that include specific combinations of pricing tiers. For example, if you offer discounted family pricing when two adults book with one or more children, you can now offer that same discount through Rezgo. You’ve been asking for this feature, and we’re excited to make it available in Rezgo 9.

Daily Manifest

Taking care of your guests is hard work that Rezgo strives to make easier. When you’re running a day’s tours and activities, you might find yourself juggling manifest reports, booking pages, the waiver list, PAX info and the check-in page. Forget all that. Now, you can visit the daily manifest, where you can do all of it in one place.

You can bring up all of the day’s bookings or narrow them down by inventory, flags and other details. Once you get your list of guests on-screen, you can easily check them in, update their information, send waiver notifications and get those waivers signed, and even check payment status at a glance.

The daily manifest makes administration easier, so you can focus on making each guest’s experience the best it can possibly be.

Pace Report

Want to know how well your bookings are growing, your guest numbers are increasing, or your financials are improving? Now, you can run a Pace Report to find out.

Pace reports allow you to compare date ranges past, present or future to equivalent ranges in the past. You can see how your upcoming bookings compare to bookings in the same range last year, or compare other ranges as needed. Results are broken down by PAX, bookings, commission, cost, margin, subtotal, line items and fees, and overall totals.

The first step to improving your numbers is understanding them. Rezgo’s new pace report can help.

And much, much more.

Rezgo 9 is one of our biggest updates yet, packed with standout features like Rezgo Built-In Payments and Verified Guest Reviews. It also includes a great many smaller features and improvements:

• Usage limits for promotional codes
• Privacy policy template for white label booking websites
• Privacy policy agreement on checkout
• Extended support for pre-signed waivers
• Price sheet switching in the Rezgo point of sale
• Default booking assignments for users, desks and security groups

And many more minor updates and quality-of-life improvements.

Our team is hard at work making Rezgo best platform for your company’s online bookings. If you have questions about the many updates in Rezgo 9, visit our support site or get in touch. Our friendly support team is here to help!

* OFAC Sanctioned countries are not supported.


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