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Collect only verified guest reviews from your customers

Reviews increase bookings by 18%

Show star ratings on your services with Verified Guest Reviews

Fully integrated product reviews

Two days after your customer uses your service, they receive an invitation to write a review.  The customer goes online to a Verified Guest Reviews page on your Rezgo site and completes a simple review.  No fuss, no set-up required, everything is built in.

Reviews are displayed with your items on both the list page and the details page and there is even a full reviews page that lists all the reviews for all your business.  This means each of your products will have their own reviews.  No more duplicate reviews on every tour and no more third party review widgets!

Guest Privacy is #1

By submitting Verified Guest Reviews, your guests are protected against having to submit their private information to a third party website in order to write a review.

Your guest’s private information is never shared with any third party review website or service.  You and your guest can rest assured that their private information is safe and secure, and so is your reputation.

Integrated verified guest reviews are compliant with the most stringent privacy requirements.

Only verified guest reviews are submitted

Show customers your verified guest reviews rating and protect your reputation from fake reviews

No more #FakeReviews

As popular as review websites are on the web, they are prone to fake reviews and fraud.  As a business owner, your reputation online can make or break your business.  That’s why Verified Guest Reviews are the best way to ensure that you get the reviews you need to grow your business and protect your reputation from fraudulent reviewers.

Best of all, you don’t have to give away your customers!

100% Verified Guests

Every review that is written about your business comes from a verified guest.  We use internal booking data to confirm the guest booked with you.

Privacy Guaranteed

Verified Guest Reviews are fully integrated with the Rezgo platform which means private customer information is never shared with a third party review platform.

Protect your brand

Your brand is important.  Verified Guest Reviews guarantees that you receive reviews only from legitimate customers.  No worries about #FakeReviews.

Improved SEO

You benefit from the content of reviews making your site more search friendly and better ranking.  Product reviews show in organic search and ads improving click throughs.

Keep your customers

Why send hard earned customers to a review site that advertises your competitors?  Keep customers on your site and build your brand for you.

Save time & money

Third party review services are expensive and require set-up, integration, and extra work.  With Verified Guest Review you get a fully integrated review platform without the work and without the cost!

Save hundreds of dollars yearly!

Everything is included.  No third party accounts or widgets and no extra fees.

Review for yourself!

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