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Rezgo 8.9.6: Ticket Protection, Custom Waiver Fields and More


With release 8.9.6, Rezgo is launching an exciting new partnership that will help you keep your customers satisfied in even the most unfortunate situations. We’ve also introduced new features to make your waivers and forms more customizable than ever.

TourShield Ticket Protection

Customers have come to expect a lot of flexibility in their purchases these days — flexibility that is often impossible for tour and activity providers to offer. Last-minute cancellations are frustrating for everyone involved, especially when they wind up turning into customer service disagreements, bad reviews, no-shows, or even chargebacks.

Rezgo can help you avoid those frustrating moments. We’ve partnered with TourShield to offer ticket protection directly to your customers. TourShield is an industry leading insurance technology company who will, for a small percentage fee paid by your customer, reimburse them for their booking if they’re unable to attend the event. The most impressive aspect of TourShield is the scope of coverage, which includes:

  • Work-related travel conflicts
  • Injuries
  • Family emergencies
  • Unexpected illness
  • Accidents
  • And several more common issues that can sneak up

TourShield gives your customers the freedom to protect their purchase, knowing that if conflicts arise, they will not be left without a refund — and you can sleep easy knowing that refund won’t come from your pocket.

The opportunity to protect their purchases with TourShield will be given to customers booking with credit cards on the Rezgo front-end. This is offered at no additional cost to you. If you’d prefer not to give your customers the option to purchase ticket protection, that’s completely in your control. Please visit our support site for information on opting out.

Custom Waiver Fields

When you use Rezgo’s per-guest waivers, you’re already contacting individual guests for information — so shouldn’t you be able to use that opportunity to gather any other important details or confirmations that you need? We think so, so we’re introducing custom waiver fields. Now you can add optional or required fields to every waiver you send out, so you can get the info you need directly from your guests.

Custom Forms for Internal Use

Speaking of gathering important information, you can now add custom internal fields to your tours, activities and events. If there’s information you want to gather on point-of-sale bookings that you don’t need from your front-end bookings, you can now make primary forms and guest forms for just that purpose.

And More…

Every Rezgo update is packed with small updates, fixes and improvements to make your experience even better. You can find documentation of all the major changes in Rezgo 8.9.6 on our support page.

If you have questions or want to suggest a future addition, please reach out and contact our support team. We always want to know how Rezgo can make your job easier.


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