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Rezgo 8.0: Product Management, Stock Orders, Message Center and More


Welcome to Rezgo 8.0. This update includes an exciting new system that’s been one of our most popular requests: Product support. You can now create and manage products, track their stock, and sell them through the Rezgo point of sale.

That’s not all we’re bringing you with the 8.0 update. Here are the changes in this release:


If your company sells physical goods, it’s been challenging to manage them through Rezgo (after all, who wants to book a shirt?). That changes today with the release of our product management system.

With this comprehensive system, you can track inventory and pricing of up to three major variants per product. Do your agents need to be able to select from lists of sizes, colors, and logos for a t-shirt they’re selling your customers? Rezgo now supports that, along with any other combination of 1-3 variants you might need.

Once you create your products, you can sell them through the Rezgo point of sale. Front-end sales aren’t available yet, but they will be supported in a future update.

The product system also includes management features for companies with multiple desks or locations, so you can keep track of where your stock is located and transfer it as needed.

Stock Orders

In addition to tracking stock within Rezgo and between desks and locations, you might also want to track stock that’s been ordered from external providers. To help you with that, we’ve added Stock Orders, which allow you keep track of incoming stock through Rezgo. You can create orders for incoming product inventory and easily add that inventory to your existing variants when the order arrives.

Message Center

Before today, keeping track of Rezgo updates and other important system information has required subscribing to our email newsletter or following the Rezgo blog. With our new Message Center, you won’t miss news about major releases, system maintenance, or billing, because those updates will be available directly within the Rezgo admin.

Through the message center, you’ll receive important system alerts (don’t worry, we won’t overwhelm you with updates — just relevant system news). You’ll also be automatically alerted when important billing notifications are available: if the credit card you have on file is about to expire, if your invoice has been paid successfully, and other important information. Billing notifications will only be sent to users with the appropriate security permissions, of course.

If you transfer stock between locations or desks, notifications about those transfers will also be available through the Message Center.

Other Changes in Rezgo 8.0

  • Gift cards now start with only one value. We’ve heard your feedback that the starting amount/cash value fields were confusing, so we’ve simplified them. Now, you can either enter a starting card value if you want to pre-load a card without charging the recipient or add funds after creating the card if you need to run a transaction — no need to set two separate values to begin with.
  • Security permissions have been added for the features included in this update.
  • Images have been added to the product and inventory lists. This will make it much easier to identify your inventory at a glance.
  • Waiver signatures can now be captured with some Topaz signature pads.
  • More service provider types have been added, including Referral Partners. When you create a Referral Partner, staff, agents, and concierges can visit their service provider page to record their referrals to the partner.

Documentation for all these features will be available soon on the Rezgo support site. If you have any questions, contact our support team at, or via the support chat window in Rezgo.

Our developers are hard at work on exciting additions, updates and service improvements, so keep an eye on the Message Center for news!


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