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Building On-line Social Media Habits

The underlying goal of any social media strategy is to build corporate social media habits for your organization. In the same way that you and your staff interact with people in the “real world” you should be interacting with them in a similar manner in the social web. The philosophies and techniques that you use […]
Written By | Rezgo

How to Review Your Social Media Plan

The plan you create based on the Listen, Engage, Articulate, and Demonstrate social media  strategy should be reviewed on a regular basis to make sure that the objectives for each phase are being met. I recommend you schedule the following reviews into your social media plan: Monthly review – This review should look at how […]
Written By | Rezgo

Your Social Media Success Metrics

Your success metrics will be different for each step in your  L.E.A.D. social media strategy. To summarize, you can expect the following outcomes from each phase: Listening Where users are talking about you What users are saying about you and your brand Where users are talking about subjects that are important to your business What […]
Written By | Rezgo

A Visual Summary of the L.E.A.D. Social Media Strategy

As you may be aware, I am now a big fan of Prezi, the web based zooming presentation tool.  I have started converting all of my presentations over to the Prezi platform and I may even upgrade to a pro account.  Those of you who know me, know that for me to consider paying for […]
Written By | Rezgo

Simplifying Your Social Media Content Calendar

Being successful with your social media strategy means having a social media calendar that allows you to participate and actively engage with your various channels. I recommend you break up your tasks so that the work required to listen, engage, articulate, and demonstrate are staggered throughout the week. A sample calendar might look like this: Sunday […]
Written By | Rezgo

When it comes to parties, it pays to go to the right ones

Let’s face it, when it comes to getting attention, you’re better off going to one A-List party then going to 100 block parties.  You only have so much time on your hands and social media has a very real time cost associated with it.  Unless you have a team of social media people working for […]
Written By | Rezgo

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