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5 Easy Tips to Increase Your Tour Sales with Rezgo


Having an online booking engine for your tour and activity is only one piece of the puzzle.  In order to increase sales, you need to build trust and make it easy for your customers to booking with you.  Here are five simple things you can do now to increase sales of your tour or activity services using Rezgo:

1. Keep Your Brand

When customers are on your website and looking for their next amazing tour, activity, attraction or event, they want to feel that they are on a trust worthy site. One way to build trust is to keep your brand the central focus during the booking process. Here are 3 things you can do to keep consistency with your marketing site:

  1. Use the Rezgo WordPress plugin on your WordPress powered website
  2. Use the Rezgo private label booking engine with your design
  3. Use your own web address

2. Sell the Experience Not the “tour”

Customers are looking for an experience that they will remember for years to come, and not just the features of the tour. Ensure that when you are writing your descriptions in Rezgo that you use descriptive and emotional language as well as the standard “features”.

Tell them the effect that viewing a museum will have on them. Compare these two descriptions:

  1. “Spend 30 minutes in Ye Old Museum where 40 different old things reside”
  2. “Be swept back in time at Ye Old Museum where 40 different exhibits will let you feel what life was like in the days of old”

As you can see, the second description is much more inspiring.

Pictures and video are a must.  Did you know that 65% of all people are visual learners? This means when they can “see” an experience, they will be able to imagine themselves participating in the experience, which will lead to more sales.

Rezgo has incorporated a photo and video gallery that when used correctly is sure to increase your sales.

3. Give Incentives

Everyone wants a deal, with the economy rebounding, people want to travel, but a little incentive would definitely help. Rezgo has a built in “Promotion Code” system that gives you the ability to generate coupons for your consumers. These coupons can be used in your Google Ad-word promotions or you can feature a banner on your site that states “Use Promo Code: ONLINE to save 15% while booking online”

There are many ways that you can use the promo codes, but the fact remains, customers like to feel that they are getting a special deal. It is also helpful if you put a time restriction on the promotion, for example: “Use Promo code: SUMMERSALE before July 31st and save an additional 25% on all tours!”

4. Accept online payment

When a customer is online and looking at your tours, make it easy for them to book and pay you in real-time.  If you accept credit cards for your business now, it is generally not an issue to get an e-commerce capable account so you can take online bookings.  Connect your Rezgo account to one of over 20 different global payment gateways.  Your customer payments are processed in real-time and deposited directly to your bank account.  Customers that use online payment experience the lowest cancellation and no-show rates.

Find out more about accepting credit cards with Rezgo

5. Link to Sell

The more inbound links you have connecting to your booking page means that your tours are likely to be found through search engines.  Use our “book-now” button generator to link your tours where ever they are mentioned on the Internet

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