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Move Over Car Rentals, There’s a New Kid in Town


Rezgo Sponsored Industry Research Estimates Tour & Activities at $27 Billion

For as long as there have been tourists there have been tours, tour guides, and destination based activities.  Unlike the more commonly known travel segments like flights, hotels, car rentals, and cruise, the in-destination tour and activity segment is dominated by very small businesses.  According to research conducted by PhoCusWright and sponsored in part by Rezgo, the U.S. tour and activity market is worth a sizable $27 Billion.

“I am excited by the potential the tour and activity segment represents.” says Stephen Joyce, CEO of Rezgo “This research proves we’re in the right space and the right time. The small businesses that make up the tour and activity space need solutions that will help them take advantage of the Web.  Rezgo is well positioned to do just that.”

According to the study, the tour and activity segment represents the third largest segment in the travel industry, almost twice as large as car rentals and larger than the cruise and packaged vacation segments combined.  The year over year growth in Rezgo transaction volume also indicates that the tour and activity segment is undergoing a shift to online.

“In 2010 we experienced overall growth of 82% over 2009.  This represents both an increase in the number of companies using Rezgo as well as an increase in bookings per company.” adds Joyce “All our metrics indicate another strong growth year in 2011.”

With a value of $27 Billion, there’s no doubt that the tour and activity segment will be getting significantly more attention than it has in the past.  Thanks to companies like Rezgo, small businesses will be able to take full advantage of this new found exposure and build their online businesses.


Media Contact:
Stephen Joyce, CEO
92 Lonsdale Avenue,
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
(604) 983-0083


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