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4 Tips for Marketing Your Food Tour Business Online


Since spreading the word about your food tour business is a crucial part of getting bookings, here are some tips to get your online marketing started.

1. Take Advantage of Social Media

Using social media to market your food tour has many benefits:

  • Social media is free: Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are free to download and use.


  • Social media is visual: There is nothing like a mouth watering photo of a meal to get people in the mood to go eat.


Action Step: Create a Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter account for your food tour business. Also take the time to visit restaurants and take high-quality pictures of the food on your tour.

2. Publish Dynamic Content

Dynamic content refers to content that is meaningful and provides value to the reader.

Publish articles about your food tour that are relevant and knowledgeable. This is a great way to keep readers engaged, increase traffic to your site, and increase your credibility as a company.

Action Step: Research and truly try to understand your food tour niche so that you can write dynamic content.

3. Get Familiar With SEO

SEO = search engine optimization.

This is the key to having high ranking articles on search engines such as Google.

Make sure to mention the, country, city, neighborhood, and zip code in your article to make finding your food tour easy.

Action Step: Use tools like Google Adwords to find out the keywords that you should be using in your articles.

4. Try Promotional Activities

Contests: Contests are a great way to get your audience engaged with your food tour business.

Action Step: Create a contest on Instagram that requires your followers to take a photo of their favorite restaurants. The best photo wins a free food tour.

Giveaways: Giveaways are a great way to show your audience that you care about them. It’s also a great way to get people talking about your food tour business

Action Step: Giveaway a free food tour to someone who gets the most likes or shares on Facebook of your contest.

Create and Attend Relevant Events: Creating or attending events is a great way to spread the word about your business. Get creative with your own events and attend all the relevant events in your neighbourhood.

Action Step: Attend hot, new restaurant openings and/or create your own workshops on food tasting, cooking, or other subjects of culinary interest.


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